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Food Videography Coaching

Available Online

The secrets to cinematic food videos

  • 1 hour
  • 199 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Why cinematic video? Let’s face it. In this visual world, from Tiktok to Reels, social media platforms push video content, and there are billions of videos out there. Everyone can make a video using their phones. But how to make your videos standout from 99% out there to show to your customers and prospects? In our one-on-one session, I will teach you how to make beautiful cinematic videos at home all by yourselves. We will go over: 1. Equipment: Having the right gears will make your life so much easier, especially if you are shooting videos by yourself. In our private session, I will go over what equipment to choose or you need according to your budget and needs. For example: Camera field monitor; Lens control system; Slider, etc. 2. Camera Setting: Videotaping is very different than photo shooting. Frame rate and shutter speed are two different things and must be distinguished and understood. I will explain how to set up your camera for different scenes. 3. Lighting Setup: Whether you are shooting with natural light or artificial light, bright or moody style, lighting is very important. I cannot stress enough “Lighting, lighting, lighting!”, because it will determine the quality of your video. For natural light users, I will show you how to set up the lighting according to your style. For artificial light users, I will explain how to manipulate the mood with proper lighting techniques and tools to achieve optimal settings. 4. Creativity – How to create cinematic videos and tell a story: Cinematic videos are more than just shooting some movements or different angles, then simply piecing them together. You do not want to confuse your audience by presenting them some footages that are randomly combined. The details will determine if you videos are clean, cohesive, easy to watch and understand. I will go over composition of the scene, angles of camera, when and why to use different angles. 5. Editing: Editing is one of the most vital aspects of storytelling in a cinematic video. It will change how your audience receives the message you are trying to tell entirely. In this part, I will go over the basic functions of Adobe Premiere Pro: • Import/export video clips • Sifting/selection process • Color correction • Audio adjustment • LUT/filter usage • Background music usage Bonus: Get a FULL behind the scene on how I edit a video footage.

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