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Christmas Pesto Wreath Bread

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Christmas will seem even more magical with a pesto wreath bread. The beautiful colors of the bread will make it as perfect decoration piece on the table as well.

I adore the beautiful form of a wreath bread. The shape, the filling and the layer of it, which is so eye swoon. I also love pesto bread because it smells and tastes so delicious.

I created this recipe for Filippo Berio. I love their pesto sauce so much as they keep the vibrant color from the basil and tomato. For this recipe, I added the pesto to the flour at the beginning instead of spreading it on the dough as filling, because I wanna have this festive green and red colors on the surface of the bread. The trick to keep the colors is to add a piece of aluminum foil on top of the bread while baking. Otherwise, you might have a golden brown color bread.


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