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Snow skin mooncake

Snow skin mooncake is a no-bake mooncake made with tender mochi wrap and custard filling. Unlike the traditional mooncakes, snow skin ones are easier to make. If you like Mochi, this snow skin mooncake will be perfect to celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and it’s the time of the year to prepare some mooncakes for the families and friends. Personally, I am not fond of the traditional mooncake flavors. The sugary and buttery pastry with that both sweet and savory fillings are little too heavy for me. On top of that, they require so many ingredients that are not easy to find in Unites States. Therefore, I decided to make this recipe to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival here in US every year. To make it looks more interesting and attractive, I added some food color powder to achieve the rainbow color look.

What is Snow Skin Mooncake

The name "Snow Skin" 冰皮 literally means “ice/snow skin. It's called "snow skin" because of its snowy translucent skin. Also, it's served as cold.

Grew up, we never had Snow Skin Mooncakes. It started to become popular in Chinese bakeries these recent years. The chewy texture and less sweet taste that people across Asia love.

What are the ingredients

For the wrap, you will need:

· Glutinous rice flour

· Rice flour

· Wheat starch

The glutinous rice flour is different from rice four. Rice flour is made of regular rice, and the glutinous rice flour is made of sticky rice. And wheat starch is not the wheat flour we use for baking. The wheat starches are used for making those translucent crystal dumplings in Dim Sum. The reason we use wheat starch is to achieve the translucent snow skin look.

For the filling:

The filling is very similar to egg custard. You will only need:

· Eggs

· Sugar

· Whole milk

· Heavy cream

· Butter

· All-purpose flower

· Corn starch

You can also substitute red bean/ green bean paste to the custard

How to use the mooncake Mold

Most manufacturers size mooncake molds based on weight capacity. For example, a 50 grams mold makes a mooncake weighing 50 grams. I do recommend checking the size of your molds before starting a recipe.

For the recipe below, I use a 50g mold. I weight my filling for 25g each and wrap for 25g also.

When to add the color

Add the color after the dough is steamed and cooled. The colors I use are all food based powders. Add the color in the end will make sure the color will be preserved.

I have tried adding the food powder in the batter and then steaming it, it did work out because the color will oxidize under high temperature.

Therefore, it is better to add them after the dough is fully cooked.

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