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Pan Fried Flower Bun (Vegan)

Hua Juan, 花卷, literally means flower shape bun. You might have tried the delicious steamed ones, but pan fried are even better. They are crispy, fluffy, fragrant, and satisfying.

Flower buns are soft and packed full of scallions. They are layered with filling, and the idea is very similar to filled bread. Flower buns often come with a savory taste, but sweet versions are also popular (red bean paste or even chocolate).

The recipe I am sharing is Sichuan style flower bun. What makes it different from other flower bun is the Sichuan numbing pepper powder. If you love 麻婆豆腐 Mapo tofu, you will love this numbing flower bun!

You can also steam the buns, but I prefer golden and crispy crust.


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